It should come as no surprise that with its proximity to the waters of the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean beyond, one of the Bay Area’s primary sports is swimming! So as summer draws closer, parents are starting to look for swimming classes and camps for their kids during the spring and summer.

With so many Bay Area swimming lessons options like private swim lessons and community pools in the San Francisco metroplex for kids to choose from, how can you be sure the swimming lessons or camps you select offer the highest level of professionalism, safety, enthusiasm and aquatic variety?

Perhaps the most important question to ask, is can the swim instructor communicate on the right level to help their students learn to swim in a fun way that keeps them interested and motivated?


At Santa Clara Artistic Swimming, we know kids learn more quickly and are more inclined to stick to learning when their swimming programs don’t feel like a swim lesson.


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Our advanced swimming programs are designed and taught by award-winning veteran athletes and coaches of swim teams, from a first ranked regional swimming academy to Olympic teams. 

Unlike many industrial swimming schools that take a “one size fits all” approach to swim lesson planning, our coaching staff uses varying methods tailored to each student’s needs and the overall class. This individualized instruction helps to keep kids swimming and invested in their lessons, ensuring better retention, more polished swimming skills, and more of a “swim club” feel that builds greater water confidence, camaraderie, and teamwork. It all starts by signing your student-athlete up for our intensive week-long Artistic Swimming training camp schedule!


What is Santa Clara Artistic Swimming Artistic Swimming, and Why Should My Child Study It?


In 2018, Synchronized Swimming, like the type popularized by Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller on the silver screen, was rebranded and renamed Artistic Swimming. This move emphasized changes in how the sport is evaluated in formal competition and reinforced the athletic and skill components inherent in Artistic Swimming in the public mind. Far more than the popular layperson’s conception of synchronized swimming as “pods of pretty people making pretty shapes in the water,” Artistic Swimming is a legitimate sport that marries the best and most beautiful aspects of gymnastics, dance, and swimming. It also offers rich opportunities to develop the discipline, strength, stamina, cardio, and breath control that any other sport or athlete requires if they’re going to perform at peak efficiency.


But isn’t Artistic Swimming just for girls?


Not at all! Even the original big-screen Tarzan himself participated in it. Artistic Swimming is for anyone who appreciates the ability to combine physical power, mental fortitude, teamwork, and art into one breathtaking ensemble piece. Sharks and Mermaids ages 6-12 with previous water experience and a certain base level of water skills competence are all welcome to attend one of our camps. They can even try out for a permanent place on the Santa Clara Artistic Swimming swim team roster during upcoming auditions if they’re sufficiently interested!


About Santa Clara Artistic Swimming Summer Camp 2022

Each camp session is operated at a local swimming center in the greater Bay Area to allow the maximum number of interested students to attend these fun, educational, intensive camps which review basic swimming skills, emphasize Artistic Swimming skills, and even include an introduction to water polo! Camp hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 2:45 pm. Each Friday, the week’s camp session will culminate with a live demonstration and routine so students can demonstrate what they’ve learned to their family, friends, and loved ones!

At each swim camp session, students will need to bring:

  • yoga mat 
  • towel 
  • sunscreen 
  • goggles 
  • a snack 
  • lunch 
  • a water bottle. 
  • a hat* 
  • an extra suit* 
  • a warm change of clothes*

Starred items are strongly recommended for your student swimmers, but not mandatory.

 Aquamaids Summer Camp 2022 Schedule and Fees

Please note that all dates and facilities are subject to change depending on local conditions, changes in public health guidance concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, and similar unforeseeable events beyond our control. Please click here for more information and review our cancellation and refund policies.


6/27- 7/1 Los Gatos (Rockin Through The Ages) 

Time: 8:30am- 2:45pm

Location: Los Gatos 

Fee: $385 + $15 USAS registration 



7/5-7/8 San Jose (Game On!)

Time: 8:30am- 2:45pm

Location: San Jose

Fee: $375 + $15 USAS registration 




7/11-7/15 San Jose (Aquaman Superhero)

Time: 8:30am- 2:45pm

Location: San Jose

Fee: $375 + $15 USAS registration 




7/11-7/15 Los Gatos (Into The Deep)

Time: 8:30am- 2:45pm

Location: San Jose

Fee: $385 + $15 USAS registration 



7/25-7/29 San Jose (Level Up!)

Time: 8:30am- 2:45pm

Location: San Jose

Fee: $385 + $15 USAS registration 




8/1-8/5 Santa Clara (Marvel Madness)

Time: 8:30am- 2:45pm

Location: Santa Clara 

Fee: $385 + $15 USAS registration 




To learn more about Santa Clara Artistic Swimming and our exciting Artistic Swimming programs, please click here to visit our website’s homepage and browse. 

And for more information about Santa Clara Artistic Swimming Summer Swim Camps, we invite you to keep reading our FAQ section below, where we answer questions from parents, guardians, and athletes just like you!


Frequently Asked Questions About Santa Clara Artistic Swimming Swim Camp

We put all the information you need to know to decide if Santa Clara Artistic Swimming is the right summer swim camp for your young athlete right at your fingertips!


Question: What is Santa Clara Artistic Swimming, and why should my child attend your camp instead of any other swimming school?

Answer: This is a fair question which we get a lot! Since the Hollywood heyday of the “aquamusical” on the big screen, Santa Clara Artistic Swimming has trained some of the most talented and elite athletes in Artistic Swimming. In addition, our outstanding coaching staff has  experienced first-hand the ups and downs of Artistic Swimming competitions. Their experience, knowledge, dedication, and skill have led Santa Clara Artistic Swimming to many awards and commendations, including our victory at the US Junior Olympic Championship in Colorado Springs in summer 2021. In addition, because of our international reputation for excellence, precision, and overall love of the sport, we have been honored to receive patronage from some of the greatest names in Artistic Swimming history, including the First Lady of Synchronized Swimming herself, Esther Williams!

Suppose that’s not enough of a resume. In that case, we invite you to visit our website to learn more about our history, community, and why we’re so proud to carry the title of Santa Clara Artistic Swimming as we represent our city, the Bay Area, and our country at sporting extravaganzas the world over!


Question: Where do Santa Clara Artistic Swimming’ students and athletes come from?

Our private swimming students come from areas all around the San Francisco Bay and beyond, including:

  • Alameda
  • Bay Area CA
  • Berkeley
  • Castro Valley
  • Concord
  • Daly City
  • East Bay
  • El Cerrito
  • Emeryville
  • Fremont
  • Livermore
  • Mateo
  • Montclair
  • Oakland
  • Oakland hills
  • Palo Alto
  • Pleasanton
  • Redwood City CA
  • San Bruno
  • San Carlos CA
  • San Jose
  • San Leandro
  • San Mateo CA
  • San Rafael CA
  • South San Francisco
  • Walnut Creek
  • And more!

We are proud to be able to field a diverse, dynamic, enthusiastic squad of elite young athletes from all walks of life. 

Santa Clara Artistic Swimming is a living example of strength and unity when each person is unique—and appreciated, celebrated, and embraced for that uniqueness. 

Whether we win or lose, we earn, achieve, learn and grow together as we carry the banner of Artistic Swimming into the new decade and through the next century!


Question: Why enroll my kids in swimming camp now?

For a young swimmer who is interested in developing their existing swimming skills and training to compete at the highest possible levels of teamwork and athletic prowess, there’s never been a time than right now to sign your child up for Bay Area swimming lessons.

And there’s never been a better place than Santa Clara Artistic Swimming’ swimming lesson program to teach your budding swimmers the advanced competitive swimming technique and discipline which builds champions in the making. 

Our experienced coaches, unique coaching and teaching style, and combined decades of experience supporting young, hungry, up-and-coming athletes have made the Aquamaids name one that commands respect in our milieu.

But, as an ancient philosopher said, the best time to start a project was yesterday. The second best time is now. If you think your child has the drive and determination to become the best of the best, the coaching, support, and volunteer staff of Santa Clara Artistic Swimming are ready to help them develop their full potential!

Question: Do I have to pay for the USA Artistic Swimming membership for my student swimmers?

Answer: Yes, this payment is mandatory. Because these camps are conducted under the USA Artistic Swimming aegis, students who participate in them or other sanctioned Artistic Swimming activities with Santa Clara Artistic Swimming must be members of USA Artistic Swimming. As an additional bonus, your student swimmers are also covered by the organization’s insurance if an athlete is injured in regular training. Therefore, the $15 membership payment is your child’s insurance premium during the camp, helping make these classes safer, more fun, and less stressful for kids and guardians alike.

To apply for the USA Artistic Swimming membership, please follow the directions below. Please click here to contact our business office for more information if you need assistance!

  • USA Artistic Swimming Membership
    • Use the link below to complete the USA Artistic Swimming (UAAAS) registration. It is a unique link for Santa Clara Artistic Swimming. USA has many membership categories, but you should use the ones listed below. You will need to pay the registration fee at the end of the registration. 
  • For your swimmer, select (1) Athlete Participant and (2) on the next screen 2021-2022 Athlete 30-Day Trial Membership. 
  • Forward the USAAS membership receipt to office@aquamaids.org


USA registration link: https://memberships.sportsengine.com/org/usa-artistic-swimming/affiliation/santa-clara-aquamaids 

Question: Does Santa Clara Artistic Swimming have a refund policy for these camps?

Answer: We understand life happens. Children or caregivers get sick, bored, busy, decide they don’t want to participate—the list of possible reasons is endless. However, to secure facilities for the camps and make our refund policy fair for all, we must impose some restrictions and limitations on refunds.

Santa Clara Artistic Swimming will issue swim camp  refunds under the following conditions:

  • Facility or pool access is no longer available for the camp period, and we cannot secure alternate venues or makeup dates.
  • The athlete chooses to withdraw from their scheduled camp at least seven (7) calendar days before the start of the camp. The reason is that all final participant rosters are uploaded to Santa Clara Artistic Swimming one week prior, so coaches and staff can allocate resources, plan age-appropriate activities, etc.
  • If the student must withdraw due to illness or injury, and can present a note from the student’s physician or healthcare team confirming the condition is a medical emergency requiring withdrawal.
  • If a given camp program is canceled due to untenable low enrollment.


Refunds for Santa Clara Artistic Swimming swim camps will NOT be issued if:

  • The student elects not to continue to participate once the program has started, or
  • In the professional opinion of the SCA coaching and support staff, the student is determined not to be appropriately safe or water-experienced to continue the camp for the protection and safety of the student and those around them, without regard to temporal progress within the program at the time the determination is made. Some examples may include horseplay; bullying; behavioral infractions that endanger other students’ safety or disrupt the coaching process; or a demonstrated lack of a base level of technical capability to safely continue to participate. All decisions of SCA coaching and support staff regarding a student’s water safety or lack thereof will be final.

If you have any questions or concerns about the SCA refund policy, we invite you to click here to contact our administrative offices for more information.


Question: I don’t have kids of my own, but I would like to help Santa Clara Artistic Swimming. What are some ways I could do this?

Answer: We are always looking for volunteers with swimming coaching experience to assist with various coaching and admin duties, to help raise awareness around the area, assist with facility maintenance, cleanup and sanitation before, during, and after events, and who may be interested in donating their time to helping with various support roles at our primary fundraising venue, Aquamaids Bingo. For a complete list of available volunteer slots and information on how to apply, please click here to contact Santa Clara Artistic Swimming or here to get in touch with the Aquamaids Bingo volunteer coordinator!


Summer is coming, and it’s a great time to give your kids a chance to develop new skills, new friends, and new abilities which they can draw on throughout their entire lifetime. So click here to enroll our child in a Santa Clara Artistic Swimming swimming class today before they fill up!