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Trainee Program

Chris Carver

Chris Carver


Chris Carver is a groundbreaking synchronized swimming choreographer and coach of the Santa Clara Artistic Swimming. She lead Team US to Olympic Gold in 1996 and bronze in 2004.

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Does your athlete have competitive swim team, gymnastic and or ballet experience?

If so, please contact Coach Jenny  Jennye@aquamaids.org to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.   A recommendation will be made based on the time of year, programs availability, athletic background and over all Aquamaid readiness of the individual.

Possible recommendations are:

Novice/ Intermediate program-

The Novice/ Intermediate program trains twice a week and typically participates in three competitions each season. This program is designed for individuals who love the teamwork, comradery and fun of the sport, yet prefer less of a commitment.  Our Novice/ Intermediate program emphasizes lifelong skills such as responsibility, team work, leadership and discipline as well as the athletic skills of swimming, artistic swimming, flexibility and strength. Our program prides itself on providing a well balanced athletic experience while serving as a gateway to the many nationwide college and university artistic swimming opportunities.

Minimaid Program- 

Our Minimaid program is designed for aspiring artistic swimmers ages 5-7 who have swim lesson experience, love to dance are ready for the next step! These athletes train two times per week in the water and two times per week on land.  Our Minimaids typically participate in one local competition at the conclusion of the season. Encouraging a love of the sport,  instilling commitment and discipline while learning the foundational skills of our sport is the mission of the program.

Pre Comp Program-

Our pre comp program is designed for athletes ages 7-9 who wish to pursue our age group competitive track. These athletes train three time per week in the water and two times per week on land. Our pre comp athletes typically participate in two competitions per season.  Love of sport, creative exploration, team work, commitment, discipline and fun are the magical ingredients that give our learned artistic swimming skills purpose.  Flexibility, core strength, swimming skills and artistic swimming skills are the emphasis of the program.

Age Group Competitive Programs-

Our age group competitive program is a highly competitive track for those who have the dedication, commitment, discipline, work ethic, and over all athletic readiness that our sport demands. These athletes train 4-6 days per week in the water and on land and typically participate in 3-6 competitions per season.  Our age group competitive athletes are a consistence force among the top athletes in the country, dominating the U.S. National Championships for over 50 years. Athletes in our age group competitive program are trained to compete in national and international arenas and are on track to pursue national and Olympic teams.

Aquaman Program- 

Our Aquaman program is specifically designed for males ages 7 and above who love to swim and aspire to pursue the competitive world of artistic swimming. The mixed pair event was pioneered and developed by Santa Clara’s very own international headliners: Head Coach/CEO Chris Carver and mixed pair world champion, Bill May.  Through commitment and discipline our Aquamen athletes have the opportunity to swim, learn and train with the best in the world. Athletes in the Aquaman program train 4-6 times per week on land and in the water.

Recent Achievements

2019 US 13-15 & Junior National Championships

2019 US 13-15 & Junior National Championships

At US 13-15 & Junior National Championships, SCA competed with in 13-15 with two teams, two combo teams, 4 duets and 4 solos, the junior team competed with one team, one combo, three duets and two solo. In 13-15 Santa Clara Artistic Swimming won Team High...

Classic Invitational 2019

Classic Invitational 2019

Our 11-12 teams participated in Classic Invitation in Tacoma, WA at the end April and came home with medals in all events they participated in! Team: Gold for A-team and Bronze for B-team Duet: Gold for Hannah & Isa Solo: Silver for Olivia Figures (top 8): 1st...