Tomorrow, October 31, 2023 marks the first day from the start of the artistic swimming events at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile. Not only is this the continental qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games but it also marks an important milestone, because for the first time in history, the Pan American games will allow the participation of up to 2 male athletes in their teams. Our very own Bill May secured a spot on the acrobatic team which will compete on November 3rd. This is a historic moment for Bill, the U.S. and our club.


SCA and our involvement at the Pan American Games has a rich history. The Pan American medal count is led by the U.S, which has won a total of 38 medals, including 27 gold medals. Since 1975, approximately 45 Aquamaids have earned medals at the Pan American Games. Coach Chris served as the co-head coach at the 1991, 1995 Pan American Games, and as head coach 1999, and 2003 Pan American Games, achieving gold medal victories in 1991, 1995, and 2003.


In earlier years, the Pan American team was represented by the club team that placed first in the Senior US National Championships. The Aquamaids proudly represented the United States in the 1975 Pan American Games. Including Coach Michele Costanza. Coach Michele also represented the US in the duet event at the 1979 games, alongside her Aquamaid duet partner Linda Shelley.


There is more history to be made next week in Santiago Chile with Bill May and Jacklyn Luu representing SCA on the 2023 Pan American Team. For everything you need to know from who is competing to what’s at stake, the schedule and most importantly how you can watch CLICK HERE!!!


Timeline of SCA and Pan American Games History  


1975 – The U.S. represented by 8 Aquamaids wins gold in all events at the VII Pan American Games, Mexico City  Team: Sue Baross, Michele Barone Costanza, Gail Johnson, Mary Ellen Longo, Amanda Norrish, Linda Shelley, Pam Tryon, Michele Beaulieu

Member of 1975 Pan American Games Team USA.

1979 – Team USA, with four of its members being Aquamaids: Michele Barone Costanza, Michele Beaulieu, Linda Shelley, Pam Tryon, wins the team event at VIII Pan American Games in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The US Duet, Aquamaids Michele Barone Costanza and Linda Shelley secured the silver medal. 

1979 US Pan American Team. Aquamaids pictured: Michele Barone Costanza, Michele Beaulieu, Linda Shelley, Pam Tryon and Gerri Grandley.

1983 – Team USA, including Aquamaid, Holly Spencer, finishes second. 


1987 – The United States captures all events at the 1987 Pan American Games including Aquamaid team member Lori Hatch. 


1991 – The U.S. Team sweeps all events at the XI Pan American Games in Havana. Aquamaids Laurie Martin, Anna Miller, Janet Weiking, Mary Wodka, Becky Dyron-Lancer represented more than 50% of the team. Becky Dyroen- Lancer wins gold in Solo


1995 – The U.S. Team sweeps all events at the XII Pan American Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina. SCA athletes represented in all three events. Soloist – Becky Dyroen-Lancer, Duet – Becky Dyroen-Lancer and Jill Sudduth-Smith, Team – Becky Dyroen- Lancer, Jill Sudduth-Smith, Heather Simmons Carrasco and Suzannah Dyroen Bianco.

1995 US Pan American Duet. Aquamaids – Becky Dyroen-Lancer and Jill Sudduth-Smith

1999 – Team USA’s places 2nd in the Pan American Games. Seven of nine team members were Aquamaids Carrie Barton-Garten, Bridget Finn, Kristina Lum, Elicia Marshall Valle, Lauren McFall, Tuesday Middaugh and Kim Wurzal La Porto. 


2003 – Aquamaids Anna Kozlova and Alison Bartosik win the gold in duet at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  And the team wins Gold with Aquamaids Anna Kozlova, Alison Bartosik, Lauren McFall, Sara Lowe, Kendra Zanotto. 

2003 US Pan American Team. Aquamaids pictured: Anna Kozlova, Alison Bartosik, Lauren McFall, Sara Lowe, Kendra Zanotto.

2003 Pan American Games. Aquamaids Anna Kozlova and Alison Bartosik.

2007 – Team USA wins the gold in the duet and team event with Aquamaids Andrea Nott, Janet Culp-Redwine and Kate Hooven Nesbitt. Duet represented by Aquamaids Christina Jones-Cottin and Andrea Nott.

2007 US Pan American Team. Aquamaids Pictured: Andrea Nott, Janet Culp-Redwine, Kate Hooven Nesbitt and Christina Jones-Cottin.

2011 – Team USA comes in 2nd in the team and duet event. Aquamaids Morgan Fuller, Mary Killman. 


2015 – Team USA comes in 3rd in the team event. Aquamaids Isabella Malcomson, Claire Barton, Mary Killman, Sarah Rodriguez and Karensa Tjoa.


2019 – Team USA comes in 3rd in the team event. Aqumaids Nicole Goot and Hannah Heffernan.


2023 – TBD!!!! Bill May and Jacklyn Luu.