Nikki Dzurko and Camryn Carrasco are teaming up to compete in Primorje Synchro Cup, an
international Synchronized swimming competition held in Rijeka, Croatia, June 21-22, 2018. Nikki is USA National Champion in all events (Combo, Team, Duet and Solo) and Camryn is USA National Champion in Team and Combo and USA National Silver medalist in Duet and Bronze medalist in Solo. Both athletes will do one Technical routine, free routine in solo and duet, and compete in Figures as well as.

Nikki and Camryn are making their debut as duet partners at this meet. They will swim the same Technical routine as in Nationals, but now as partners. For Primorji Synchro Cup, Camryn stepped up and learned Nikki’s Junior USA National Championship duet routine.

They also had to dust off their black figure suits because at this international meet Figures
are includes as an event. In the USA following the new FINA rules, Juniors only compete with Technical routines. Nikki and Camryn have not done any figure competition this year and the set of figures included in the Figure event have changed since last season.

To compete in Primorji Synchro Cup, Nikki and Camryn had to pull together a lot in just four weeks of training, thank goodness we have Sonja Van der Velden as our amazing SCA Junior coach. She has made a tremendous job to brings all the routines and figures together in just 4 short weeks.

Best of Luck to our Talented Junior swimmers and Coach Sonja as they represent SCA on the international stage!!!

Go Big Red!!!