Our pre-competitive squad went to California State Games to represent Santa Clara Artistic Swimming. This is the first away competition for our pre-compers and signals their transitions into our competitive program. The members of our squad participated in the Novice category fitting their age and all did a fabulous job! Congratulations to you all! We are very proud over your progress during this year in pre-comp.

Novice 8-9

Duet: Gold for Samatha and Sasha

Novice 9-10

Team: Our two teams took GOLD and SILVER

Trio: Noriko, Zoya and Jackie took Gold

Duet: Gold to Mieke and Abigail

Solo: 1st place to Cindy, 3rd place to Kaileigh, and 4th place to Haya

Novice 11-12

Trio: Alexis, Summer and Mailey scored Gold

Duet: Gold to Summer and Mailey

Solo: 1st place Mailey and 2nd place Summer