Santa Clara Artistic Swimming returned to Seaside for the Intermediate Championships. This time our Novice and Intermediate swimmers along with the Age group 10 and Under from the Competitive Program participated. Congratulations to you all!



Trio: 1st place Isobel, Lexi and Allison

Duet: 2nd place for Isobel and Allison

Solo: 3rd place Lexi

Figure: 3rd place Isobel, 5th place Allison, 7th place Lexi


Team: 1st place and 4th place for our two teams.

Trio: 1st place for Alana, Alyssa and Mailey, 2nd place for Pia, Ariel & Taegan

Duet: 1st place Pia and Ariel

Solo: 1st place for Taegan, 3rd place for Elizabeth, 4th place Mariah & 5th place Jessica

Figures (top 8): 1st place Mailey, 2nd place Alyssa, 4th place Mariah, 5th place Taegan, 6th place Alana and 8th place Elizabeth

13 and Over

Solo: 2nd place Annie and 3rd place Ria

Figures: 7th place Ria and 8th place Annie



Solo: 1st place Mailey

Figures: 4th place Mailey

13 -15

Team: 1st place!

Trio: 1st place Melia, Aiko and Tia

Duet: 1st place Scout and Annelise, 2nd place Melia and Aiko

Solo: 1st place Tia, 4th Natalie

Figures (top 8): 1st place Scout, 2nd place Annelise, 3rd place Tia, 6th place Natalie

16 and Over

Solo: 1st place Maggie

Figures: 1st place Maggie

Age group 10 and Under

Team: 1st and 2nd place!

Duet: 1st place Samantha & Jacklyn, 2nd place Nira & Ellie

Solo: 2nd place Samantha, 3rd place Ellie

Figures: 2nd place Samantha, 3rd place Ellie, 4th place Isabella, 5th place Anusha, 6h place Cynthia, 7th place Jacklyn, 8th place Nira